Hi, I'mRuud Persoons

Ivanti (2020)

Category : UX Design / Webapp
Client : Ivanti
Completion : In progress
Role : UX Designer

Currently I am working for Ivanti. I design and prototype new forms of interaction in Ivanti products, create the logical flows and define the interaction model for the web applications.

Working together with a Product- & Development Manager in the leadership team for Ivanti Cloud.

Ivanti Design System
I created the 'Ivanti Design System'. This design system is our foundation that brings together code, guidelines, accessibility, design tools and resources.

Design Sprints
Facilitating design sprints - based on Google Design Sprint - with customers, development and PM. Polishing and continually refining the existing products is part of my role as UX Designer. Most used methods we used within Ivanti are How Might We, User Interviews, Golden Path, Solution Sketching, Dot Vote, Prototyping, Stakeholder & Technical review.

How Might We Mapping

User Journey Mapping & Solution Sketching


Strategy Map